'Chronic lack of awareness' of symptoms of pancreatic cancer | Wales

Desiree Burns
November 18, 2018

In almost every country, it's the only major cancer with a single-digit five-year survival rate.

Things you should know about pancreatic cancer.

More are diagnosed with breast cancer than pancreatic cancer, but more die of pancreatic cancer. "So by the time, it's diagnosed its late-stage and hard to treat".

Please help in the fight against pancreatic cancer by contacting your legislators and asking them to continue to make cancer research a national priority.

The cause of the majority of pancreatic cancer cases is unknown, but there is evidence that age, smoking, being overweight, a family history of pancreatic cancer, pancreatitis, and diabetes might increase the risk of developing pancreatic cancer.

There're no specific symptoms in pancreatic cancer's early stage.

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"Things like stomach ache, lower back pain, unexplained weight loss, jaundice, or the yellowing of skin and the eyes, new onset diabetes", Fleshman said.

African-Americans have a higher incidence of pancreatic cancer compared to those of Asian, Hispanic or Caucasian descent.

Samantha Cranmore says "she was honestly the most strong and most positive person every time she was diagnosed cause it was twice; it never stuck her soul in a way where she would want to give up hope".

While survival rates are low, some treatment options are available.

"Usually it's treated through some sort of chemotherapy and radiation", Fleshman explained.

Global biopharmaceutical company Celgene, in conjunction with market research firm Ipsos Group, released the results of the Global Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Omnibus Survey of more than 7000 adults in the USA and five European countries.

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