Teen Dies from Inhaling Deodorant Spray Seeking High

Desiree Burns
November 18, 2018

Such cases are "very rare", Dr Harvey said, adding that because deaths from deodorant inhalation were not common among the general population the consequences weren't really known, causing people to continue this unsafe behaviour.

In a case report, authors describe the death of a 19-year-old in the Netherlands who inhaled deodorant to get high.

The patient, who had a history of psychotic symptoms, was in rehab for his cannabis and ketamine use when he relapsed and looked for a different way to intoxicate himself. To get bid high he has put a towel over his head, and after that, he has inhaled this spray from the deodorant.

The report states that he quickly became hyperactive before his blood flow abruptly stopped, causing him to go into cardiac arrest. When taken to the hospital, he has given the basic life support then six rounds of shocking the heart, but all these things still failed to revive him and then he was induced to the coma. It might have over-sensitized the heart, decreased the strength of the heart's muscle contraction, or caused a spasm of the coronary arteries.

First, it could have been caused by the over-sensitivity that might have resulted from the inhalant.

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Solvent abuse is not a new phenomenon, the report points out, and is primarily found in "young and vulnerable people", according to Kramp.

Solvent abuse is most prevalent in people ages 15 to 19. Particularly in insecure environments, such household products are more easily available than other substances. It is often used in sprayable household products and has a similar effect to alcohol. As per a report, it has been seen that about 125 teens die due to this every year in the USA.

"Solvent abuse is also more of a problem in the northern regions of the United Kingdom, with rates particularly higher in Scotland and the North East of England".

The other things that are used for the abuses are aerosols, volatile solutions, and pressurized gasses.

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