The girl nearly turned into a creepy alien after painting hair

Desiree Burns
December 1, 2018

A 19-year-old has reportedly nearly died after suffering a severe allergic reaction to hair dye.

Nearly immediately Estelle noticed irritation on her scalp which quickly began to swell and used antihistamines under medical advice.

"I could not breathe, I had a light bulb head", the woman, known as "Estelle", told Le Parisien.

However, she tells Le Parisienshe hadn't left it on her skin as long as the package recommended, and urges others not to make the same mistake.

To worsen her plight, her tongue also began to swell up and she soon had difficulty catching her breath, reports say.

Since surviving her ordeal, Estelle's mother believes there should be greater awareness of the dangers behind PPD.

PPD is used in hair dyes, dark-colored makeup, lipstick, henna tattoos and a number of other products.

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She was treated at the hospital, where doctors said reactions to PPD are fairly common.

Though Estelle said she took an antihistamine to help with the swelling and irritation, the next morning her head had already enlarged - growing to 24.8 inches compared to an average 22 inches.

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The scariest thing about allergies is that you don't always know what you are sensitive to.

It is noted that the 19-year-old Estelle had purchased the paint in the supermarket. The dye used by Julie McCabe had a 1 per cent strength.

According to the National Health Service in the United Kingdom, hair dyes with PPD in them are safe as long as safety instructions are followed.

But in the hours and days after applying the hair dye, her scalp began to itch and then her head started to swell. Recap the tubes. Use a cotton swab and apply a small dab of the dye to the bend of your elbow and leave it uncovered for 45 minutes. Be sure to leave it uncovered for 48 to 72 hours. Her face continued growing and they shared pictures to warn people of the serious risks of dying your own hair. She suggests doing two. However, she takes full responsibility, and admits to making a "mistake" when it came to her patch test.

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