Apple Won't Launch a 5G iPhone Until 2020

Donna Miller
December 4, 2018

At least two smartphone makers have launched 5G phones this year, but the handsets aren't exactly 5G-ready. Samsung, for instance, says that it plans to bring a 5G smartphone to the US with Verizon during the first half of 2019. OnePlus, Samsung, and Huawei all confirmed they're working on 5G handsets of their own, while Sprint partnered with LG and HTC for a 5G smartphone and 5G hotspot, respectively.

But while that argument may be acceptable according to circa 2008 standards of mobile network speed and infrastructure, it's worth pointing out that the jump from 4G to 5G will represent a much bigger upgrade to speed, latency and availability - in comparison to the jump from 2G to 3G, or 3G to 4G.

Apple is now evaluating in-display fingerprint sensors from three suppliers - O-film, General Interface Solution, and TPK Holding - the report says.

Apple might be late to the 5G party. Bloomberg's sources said that Apple will follow a tack it took with 3G and 4G wireless technology and wait at least a year for early adopters to access the technology before offering 5G itself.

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Though many publications have stated that delaying the release of a 5G iPhone is a controversial move on Apple's part, waiting until 2020 makes a significant amount of sense on the tech giant's part.

Neither Apple nor Intel immediately responded to requests for comment. Also, Apple needs plenty of supply of 5G modems, considering that it's selling some 200 million phones a year, something that may not be possible next year.

The delay could hand an advantage to rival companies like Samsung and Huawei.

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