Microsoft will replace Edge with Chrome-based browser for Windows 10

Donna Miller
December 4, 2018

With Edge, Microsoft promised a new browsing experience that gels well with the ethos of Windows 10.

Edge has seen little success since its debut on Windows 10 back in 2015.

As we've previously told you, Microsoft is already working on Chromium in order to help Google port it over to ARM based Windows machines, such is the power that the world's top browser holds. Microsoft would often push people using Windows 10 to ditch Chrome in favor of Edge and went out of its way to try to match technologies to boost its usage and performance on the operating system.

According to The Verge and Windows Central, which earlier reported on Microsoft's moves, the company would ditch the Edge browser and build a new browser built on Chromium's rendering engine.

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It's pretty odd to hear such news especially since Microsoft invested so much time and money into its EdgeHTML engine, but this may be good news after all. The project is presently named as Anaheim and will host web pages in a fashion pretty similar to how Google's Chrome handles it.

As to whether the new browser will keep the name Edge, or switch to a different brand to fully differentiate itself from what could easily be perceived as a major failure, is still unknown. Ever since Chrome OS entered the scene, we've been waiting for Microsoft to come out with its own pared down version of Windows, but its half-hearted attempts (Windows 10 S, Windows RT) have all fallen flat.

Lately, Microsoft has been actively modifying its ecosystems for adapting to popular third-party apps and services. By adopting the foundations of the Chrome browser, it now becomes clear that Microsoft wants to give those services to users that they like, even if they are not from Microsoft.

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