Pokemon GO PvP Will Arrive In December 2018

Donna Miller
December 4, 2018

After a few teases, Niantic recently confirmed that PvP Trainer Battles are coming to Pokemon Go. You set a team of three Pokemon before a fight. We also went hands-on with a demo version of these battles, which now don't have a firm release date-though they are set to arrive in Pokemon Go soon. Then, you fight against your opponent in real-time. You can also eventually earn an Ace Trainer Medal for participating in battles.

Players generally need to be close to each other to fight, but if trainers are either Ultra or Best Friends they can battle from any location.

There are three leagues in Pokemon Go Trainer Battles Leagues, each with different CP and players can choose only three Pokemon to battle with.

More Pokemon Go Battle information revealed
More Pokemon Go Battle information revealed

On the same day, Pokemon Go Japan Twitter asked for 5,000 retweets on one thread and promised a new information will be revealed about the new feature. Trainer Battles will have three leagues: the Great League will have a maximum of 1,500 CP per Pokémon, the Ultra League will have a maximum of 2,500 CP per Pokémon, and the Master League will have no CP limit. Trainer Battles also have a current time limit of 240 seconds to avoid overlong matches.

Slemon elaborated that Niantic was also looking at the main Pokemon games for further mechanics to add down the line, adding even more options and variability to the amped up battle feature.

Niantic's press release mentions that players will be able to use the move 'Protect Shield, ' but it's unclear if this is the extra move unlocked with Stardust unlocks, or separate move altogether. Both victor and loser get rewards, and each one has the same chance to get a particularly rare item: a Sinnoh Stone, which is used for evolving certain Gen 4 Pokemon.

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