Limited Edition Super Smash Bros Amiibo Box Announced for Japan

Donna Miller
December 6, 2018

Nintendo's pre-release marketing has certainly suggested that there's a lot to Ultimate beyond just a packed roster, as there are plenty of game modes and mechanics to learn about as well. Without a doubt, this is the biggest Super Smash Bros game yet, but we knew that was the case when Nintendo revealed that every fighter that's ever appeared in the series will be returning for Ultimate.

In total, you'll be getting 63 amiibo figures in a special Smash themed box with a wall scroll to kickstart your collection for Super Smash Bros. It will launch on the same day as the game and as the name suggests, it contains 63 Amiibo figurines.

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The pricing still remains unknown for special box set, but it will be up for purchase on December 7 at 6:00pm JST.

Once again, the announcer is back for Super Smash Bros. Figures that arrive next year, such as King K. Rool and the Ice Climbers (February 15) and Piranha Plant (which doesn't have a release date) are also included. This product looks to collect most of the "Super Smash Bros." amiibo available to give players a jumpstart before the game debuts, if it is indeed releasing ahead of the game. Even so, a similar production limit will mean grabbing the set is down to pure luck.

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