Aston Martin offers 'reversible' electric conversion for classic cars

Irving Hamilton
December 8, 2018

Battery modifications sit on the original gearbox and engine mountings, meaning that modifications are kept to an absolute minimum. The electric drive system has been attached to the mount points for the original engine and transmission, which have been safely removed.

The cassette contains the battery, motor and electric control units and features external cables that feed power to the car's various electrical systems.

As for why the company is bothering?

Electrification doesn't have to be reserved just for the upcoming, futuristic cars.

Umbilical cords lead out from the cassette to power the car's electrical systems. In fact the interest in classic and heritage cars is growing and now Aston Martin Lagonda too has a plan to preserve this rich history.

"Developed around a so-called "cassette" EV powertrain, the objective is to mitigate any future legislation to restrict the use of classic cars by offering a zero emissions conversion", Aston Martin says.

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Palmer isn't the only motoring executive concerned about his heritage, as the world pushes to a cleaner, greener motoring landscape.

Jaguar a year ago rolled out an E-Type whose original powertrain was swapped for a battery and electric motor.

The only physical change to the vehicle is a subtle power management screen inside.

Tesla parts have even been adapted to power speedboats.

"We have been looking for some time to find a way of protecting our customers' long-term enjoyment of their cars", said Paul Spires, president of Aston Martin Works. Aston Martin Works has announced an official electric conversion program making the British marque, one of the first to do such work in-house. "We also foresee collectors adding another dimension to their collection by commissioning EV-converted heritage cars". Given the success of the proof-of-concept build, the automaker said it should begin offering retrofits for customer cars in 2019.

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