Kentucky Health Officials: Don't Let Flu Ruin the Holidays

Desiree Burns
December 9, 2018

With the holiday season here, health officials in Kentucky are urging people to take steps to help prevent spreading the flu. Students, faculty and all other members of the campus are all packed tightly into a communal area which facilitates the spread of illness. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that pregnant women with continued concerns or questions about the influenza vaccination should discuss these with their healthcare provider in order to make an informed decision regarding vaccination.

Along with the flu, Borgen said the public should be mindful of other respiratory illnesses over the winter months.

"Campus life typically challenges students with new opportunities for learning, discovery - and intimacy with germs".

Last year's flu season was dominated by a strain called H3N2. Flu is more likely to be severe or even deadly in these groups than among healthy adults.

Some common flu symptoms include fever, coughing, body aches, chills, dehydration, and fatigue. Individuals can spread the virus during the first 3-4 days after they begin to display symptoms. Although flu vaccines are not ideal, they are the best way to prevent getting the flu. "Get rest and have plenty of fluids". This information highlights the importance of students and faculty to stay home when they are displaying flu symptoms in attempt to limit outbreaks of the flu. More serious adverse events are rare.

There is still time to get a flu vaccination, even if people have already had the flu, Wittman said. Nurses can also get vaccinated themselves, and wear a badge advertising this; patients may feel reassured their trusted health care professional also gets vaccinated against the flu.

Personal measures are one way to prevent contracting the flu, but there are places where control may be out of the students' hands. "This also helps to stop the spread of flu" said Mayer.

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There is no current preventative measure put into place besides routine cleaning.

Flu vaccines are available from your doctor and at many retail pharmacies. Maddy Dollar, a business management major, spoke about the significance of gathering the right information when it comes to the flu shot.

"If you or someone you know is suffering from flu and they're lethargic or unable to think clearly, or unable to wake up from sleep and appear to be sleeping really, really deep and you can't wake them up, those are reasons to get them emergent care", says Howard.

Roderick, with her extensive experience working cold/flu epidemics on campus, further supported the importance of getting the flu shot every year.

Prepare your business for the long, cold months ahead and help minimize the risk of staff sickness and subsequent business downtime, with the following cold and flu prevention tips for the workplace. The strains consist of more than one virus.

Many people who didn't vaccinate previous year had heard that the vaccine was only about 10 percent effective.

Young children and the elderly are at higher risk of getting severe illness, Webby said: "So by getting vaccinated, you're not just protecting yourself, but also, through herd immunity, you're protecting others". In light of the evident challenges in taking legal action, proponents of vaccinations should direct advocacy efforts by pushing for a higher education in health during primary and secondary schooling. Welch. "Although a flu shot is never 100 percent effective, a vaccination is the best way to prevent getting sick from the flu and getting serious complications". That's not as high as the measles vaccine, but it still amounts to millions of cases of flu that should not have happened.

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