What Is The Norway Plus Brexit Option?

Blanche Robertson
December 8, 2018

Iain Duncan Smith, a former Tory leader, warned Theresa May that she could be forced to resign if she chose to go ahead with her Brexit deal, in the event that it is rejected in the House of Commons in next week's vote. Ten per cent said their MP should abstain.

The Work and Pensions Secretary, however, said she supported Mrs May's withdrawal agreement, saying: "We voted to leave, we should deliver on leaving and we can do it in a way that works".

"The Prime Minister can't deliver a Brexit agreement that won't be voted down on Tuesday, so instead she should withdraw this botched agreement".

On Tuesday the Commons will vote on the PM's Withdrawal Agreement but already it is expected to be rejected by MPs.

A YouGov survey found that only Broxbourne and Christchurch, two Conservative constituencies, backed the Prime Minister's plan.

The major sticking point is the "backstop" proposal, aimed at preventing a "hard border" between Northern Ireland and the Republic.

Next week, could prove an important one for Brexit. I can not support any deal that will leave people in Bradford and across the country worse off, and I will not be supporting the Prime Minister's deal.

Being in the EEA after Brexit would keep the United Kingdom in the single market, meaning goods, services and people could continue to move within the bloc in the same way as before, therefore limiting the potential disruption to the economy. "I can't understand the hysteria around a People's Vote if you believe in what you are trying to propose", she said. Hopefully they will have substantive talks, we have lots of ideas of the sorts of things they could do to improve were we are now.

The Government is widely expected to suffer a crushing defeat over its Brexit plan next week after more than 100 Tory MPs publicly stated they would vote against the deal unless changes are made.

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Mr Davies (Shipley) was equally scathing: "The deal doesn't even come close to respecting the result of the referendum, even by the criteria set out by the PM herself".

"We need to leave the European Union not sign up to a con".

On the Tory leader's future if the agreement was voted down, Ms Rudd said: "Theresa May is a prime minister who will stay through this".

"It will mean years ahead of wrangling which will not be good for business or jobs". After we are out of the European Union our negotiating position will be much weakened - all details of any new trade deal with the European Union would have to be agreed by all the European Union governments.

"It would be much better to have firm arrangements in place now".

The customs union membership would also hamper the UK's ability to strike free trade deals around the world.

In a joint foreword, Labour former foreign secretary David Miliband and Tory ex-minister Jo Johnson - who quit his Government role in November over Brexit - said: 'Norway-plus would represent a long-term commitment to pay to benefit from the European Union's regulatory structures while choosing to be outside it'.

This means the Prime Minister will struggle to her the Brexit deal approved.

Mr Whittaker (Calder Valley) said: "As the deal is only about the withdrawal and implementation period, I am quite pragmatic about the agreement". I say this as this is purely a stepping stone to get to another place. "So when they think about this deal they need to weigh up the alternatives as well".

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