Ebola cases in Congo surpasses 600 amid more violence

Desiree Burns
January 5, 2019

Among 609 cases of reported hemorrhagic fever, 561 were confirmed to be infected with Ebola virus, according to the ministry. More than 200 people have recovered from Ebola, the ministry said.

The death toll in the Democratic Republic of Congo from Ebola has risen to 322 since the start of an outbreak in late July previous year, the Health Ministry said on Friday.

Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, on Thursday applauded the response the country has mounted so far, commending Uganda's history of effective disease prevention, highlighting that the country's strategies have been "recognized globally".

Nebraska Medicine infectious disease specialist Ted Cieslak assures that this unnamed person is being admitted to the clinic because they may have been exposed to the risky virus even though they are not now ill and are not contagious.

On average, Ebola kills about half of those infected.

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The recent outbreak of the deadly virus, which is transferred to humans by animals, began in August and has a fatality rate of as high as 60%.

Last week an unidentified American doctor who was exposed to Ebola while treating patients in the DRC was transported to the United States to be monitored.

The need to amplify primary healthcare in order to prevent diseases, is vital for Uganda, Mr. Ghebryesus stressed, and prevention of communicable and non-communicable disease are key to achieving Universal Health Coverage. The UN public health agency estimates that more than a million refugees and internally displaced people are traveling through and out of North Kivu and Ituri, and this movement is a potential risk factor for the spread of Ebola. Two days later, on Thursday, he reported that election protesters vandalized facilities inside the Beni Transit Center compound where suspicious cases await laboratory test results.

The Ebola outbreak has been raging in Congo since August past year. "After an intensification of field activities, we were seeing hopeful signs in many areas, including a recent decrease in cases in Beni", he said in a December 28 statement.

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