Mediterranean diet named No. 1 eating plan for 2019

Desiree Burns
January 5, 2019

"You really want something to be a lifestyle change so that you can handle it if you have kids or you live alone and I think this one really checks all those boxes", registered dietitian Amy Peick says.

The Mediterranean diet emphasizes eating fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans, nuts, legumes, olive oil and flavorful herbs and spices; fish and seafood at least a couple of times a week; and poultry, eggs, cheese and yogurt in moderation, according to U.S. News and World Report.

"On these types of diets, you often don't learn how to manage holidays, stressful days or special occasions".

Developed by researchers at the National Institutes of Health, the DASH diet focuses on reducing high blood pressure with low-sodium foods, which include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy and lean proteins.

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To that end, she said the top three diets are all similar in their food content, and all can be healthy eating regimens.

Weight Watchers ranked in the top five for best diets overall and also obtained the No. 1 rankings for Best Commercial Diet and Best Weight Loss Diet for 2019. The diet has always been linked to many health benefits, including lower risks of cancer and heart disease, better kidney health and a healthier gut. This year, the Mediterranean diet inched out for the win, with the DASH diet coming in second, followed by the Flexitarian diet, a plant-based diet that allows meat on special occasion.

The magazine asked a panel of nutrition experts to review 41 diet plans. These types of diets can help teach lifelong positive eating habits.

Other diets at the bottom of the list included the Dukan diet, the Body Reset Diet and the Whole30 diet. To be top-rated, a diet had to "be safe, relatively easy to follow, nutritious and effective for weight loss". It's very similar to the Mediterranean plan. And, hopefully one that teaches you to eat healthy for life.

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