Mental health exam for Mexican man accused of killing California cop

Desiree Burns
January 5, 2019

US immigration authorities confirmed they had no contact with the Mexican illegal immigrant suspected of killing a California police officer until the man was arrested last week.

Stanislaus County Police say that Gustavo Arriaga was driving drunk when he killed Corporal Ronil Singh, in the early hours of December 26.

The District Attorney released the charging document today. He was arrested Friday after authorities say he fatally shot Newman Police officer Ronil Singh last week.

Singh's family and several of the Police Department's 12 officers attended the hearing.

ENHANCEMENT: It is further alleged that the defendant acted intentionally, deliberately and with premeditation. He joined the 12-officer Newman police force in 2011.

The sheriff said Perez Arriaga had crossed the border from Mexico illegally "some time ago", worked as a farm laborer and bragged on social media about being active in a street gang. "This allegation is not subject to dismissal pursuant to Penal Code Section 1385".

Goold said prosecutors were not certain of his real name, but on Wednesday at the County Court in Modesto, California, he identified himself to the judge as Paulo Virgen Mendoza.

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USA immigration authorities say they had no contact with Perez Arriaga until he was arrested last week.

Sheriff Adam Christianson, who led the investigation, blamed California's sanctuary law for preventing local authorities from reporting Perez Arriaga to USA immigration officials for deportation after two previous drunken driving arrests. He is survived by his wife and a 5-month-old son.

Seven other people have been charged with aiding Perez Arriaga after the killing.

Stephen Foley, the defendant's lawyer, did not immediately respond to a request for comment Wednesday evening.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency confirmed to Breitbart News on Sunday that Perez Arriaga, the main suspect in the killing, was never properly turned over to federal immigration authorities despite his two previous arrests for drunk driving. President Donald Trump seized on the case to call for tougher border security amid a fight with congressional Democrats over funding for a border wall, which has forced a partial government shutdown.

John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News.

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