Google Assistant Interpreter Mode offers real-time spoken translations

Donna Miller
January 9, 2019

During the debut of the Google Pixel 3 smartphone a year ago, the American tech giant also announced the Google Home Hub that attempts to deliver the same Assistant functionality but has a screen to display contextual information.

"This is native integration with Google Assistant itself; it should be a lot more seamless, a lot faster", Lacey said. The Google Assistant is smart enough to understand the context and the whole experience was very slick.

It didn't say when, but as Google's announcement focused on the brand's 2019 activity, we know it'll be sometime this year. Soon, Google Assistant will allow you to check in to your flight, save and retrieve your boarding pass.

A live demonstration showed just how the system works; simply say the command to initiate - for example, "Hey Google, be my French interpreter" - and Google Assistant will jump into Interpreter Mode. Google has partnered with chains like Choice Hotels, AccorHotels and InterContinental Hotels Group, as well as travel services such as Priceline, Expedia, Mirai, and Travelclick to offer a wide range of options.

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In announcing this milestone, Google highlighted the myriad capabilities added to Assistant throughout 2018.

Talking about the third-party integration, it includes Dish Hopper integration, Google Assistant for Sonos speakers, KitchenAid Smart Display, Samsung TV integration, Philips Hue integration and much more. As well as being a dual-USB vehicle charger to keep your devices topped up on the road, the $50 Bolt adds Google Assistant directly to your auto.

With most of these changes rolling out in the next few weeks the increasing functionality of Google Assistant will be hard to keep track of but well worth trying. Device owners can expect to see Interpreter Mode arrive some time in the next few weeks. This could be especially useful if you do not speak the language in the country you are now in.

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