Audi Debuts in-car Marvel VR Experience at CES 2019

Donna Miller
January 10, 2019

As a content provider, Disney must be prepared to adapt its vast library of entertainment properties to the latest technologies and platforms, and in-car VR could be one of the applications that boosts a technology that has so far struggled with consumer adoption due to pricey headsets and lack of content.

The German carmaker is displaying a virtual-reality experience at this year's show, made in conjunction with Marvel Studios.

The VR game shown at CES is only a proof of concept, as the technology could be used virtually for whatever its creators want, from playing movies to educational programs that react to the vehicle coming to a halt.

"Creative minds will use our platform to come up with fascinating worlds that turn the journey from A to B into a real adventure", said Audi's digital head Nils Wollny.

For the CES 2019 debut, Audi and holoride have teamed up with Disney Games and Interactive Experiences on a VR experience called Marvel's Avengers: Rocket's Rescue Run.

Audi is using the new e-tron electric SUV to demonstrate the holoride technology.

Audi’s Virtual Reality

The experience itself now requires a VR headset and that you sit in an Audi e-tron crossover, which will virtually transform into a spaceship aesthetically reminiscent of Guardians of the Galaxy's vehicular counterpart. "We can only develop this new entertainment segment by adopting a cooperative, open approach for vehicle, device and content producers".

Audi was founded by August Horch in Germany in 1910.

However, the Virtual Reality experience is not only limited to just giving a wider view to the rear occupants in the vehicle but also will enable backseat passengers to watch movies, play video games, and experience interactive content even more realistically using virtual reality glasses.

So confident is Audi that it has struck gold that it set up a start-up tasked with turning the technology to be sold throughout the industry.

At the beginning of December, Audi announced it will be bringing to Las Vegas a revolutionary new form of entertainment created especially for a backseat passenger. "In the long term, the continued expansion of car-to-X infrastructure could also see traffic events becoming a part of the experience: Stopping at traffic lights could introduce unexpected obstacles to a game or interrupt a learning program with a quick quiz". "While this CES demo was developed purely in the spirit of exploration and experimentation, we are constantly evaluating emerging technologies to enhance our stories and experiences".

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