First partial solar eclipse of 2019 to be observed today

Christopher Davidson
January 10, 2019

A total lunar eclipse - the "Super Blood Wolf Moon" - will occur on January 20/21, 2019 (depending on where you view from in North and South America, or western Europe).

A spectacular "super moon" combined with a total lunar eclipse will rise over the nation just before midnight on January 20, bringing a series of odd optical effects, according to NASA. For this, you can Eclipse in Germany on the total lunar on June 21.

In terms of celestial events, 2019 is already shaping up to be a year full of dazzling sky shows - from meteor showers to a super rare planet transit and multiple eclipses, yes, multiple.

"Earth's umbral shadow will fall on to the moon, and you will see quite a bit of red on one side of the moon", says Tom Kerrs, an astronomer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, London and author of Moongazing: Beginners Guide to the Moon.

These events bring out internet excitement: the British Daily Mail tabloid consulted an astrologer about one full moon a year ago and is already breathlessly calling this event a "Super Blood Wolf Moon". The greatest eclipse is going to occur for the U.K at about 22:30 p.m.

A partial solar eclipse is when the Moon covers only a certain portion of the Sun.

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How long the Eclipse lasts in January?

. But you will be to see in Germany and what is it exactly?

November 11: Transit of Mercury: The planet Mercury will pass directly between the Earth and the Sun during our daylight. So get your telescope and solar filters ready. And in which countries in addition to Russian Federation, you will be to see this January?

Partial Eclipse of the sun in January 2019: Where will be able to see the spectacle? . The Earth will come between the Sun and the Moon in just the right way so that the Earth's shadow is cast entirely across its moon. From the penumbra only a partial Eclipse is seen. "Or else UAE or Oman if I play it safe and conventional, or want to combine it with some sightseeing".

Total lunar eclipse ends: 10:43 p.m. (January 20). January 2019 is the next partial Eclipse of the sun.

The next total solar eclipse to hit the United States will happen on April 8, 2024 and will pass across the eastern part of the country.

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