Lenovo’s new Smart Clock brings Google Assistant to your nightstand

Donna Miller
January 10, 2019

With Google Assistant routines, you can also set up several smart home tasks to respond to key phrases like "Okay, Google, goodnight", or "Okay, Google, good morning". For once, we have something that's practical enough to bring back the alarm clock into the bedroom - rather than just simply relying on our smartphones.

For 2019 that ideal is being distilled in different flavours, with the Lenovo Smart Clock doing exactly what it says on the tin: acting as a Google Assistant-powered bedside clock, with numerous great feature of Google Home Hub, but in a simplified format more suitable for an alarm clock.

Up top there are two physical volume buttons, as well as a touch-sensitive area that you can tap, or more realistically smash, to silence your alarm. In 2018 we saw the Google Home Hub make for a great central control centre using Google Assistant voice and touchscreen controls. The display can show stuff like the weather when it's not acting as a clock. What's not there is Google Photos to turn your clock into an ambient photo frame during the day, a camera for Duo video calls, Duo for voice calls and most importantly Google's new Home View control centre for home automation control.

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Lenovo's Smart Clock next to the bigger Lenovo Smart Display. The lack of a Home View card however is perplexing, especially on a product they are pushing as a smart home control device. Time will tell how well it's received.

As this is Google-centric, any Google calendar appointments will sync between Android phone and the Smart Clock, with the software not only able to present the calendar - but also suggest alarm times. It's due to launch in the U.S. in their Spring with a retail price of $79.99 which would see it priced around the $120 AUD mark if / when it makes it here.

Rather than being trying to bombard users with more information on-screen, the Lenovo Smart Clock is more reactive and discrete.

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