Suspected gas leak triggers major blast in central Paris, reports of injuries

Blanche Robertson
January 12, 2019

A massive explosion probably caused by a gas leak gutted the ground floor of a building in central Paris's shopping district on Saturday (Jan 12), seriously injuring at least nine people, French police said.

According to preliminary reports, the explosion occurred due to a gas leak and has nothing to do with the ongoing yellow vests protests in Paris, the broadcaster added.

Cars were wrecked and other buildings damaged by the blast on Rue de Trévise in the 9th Arrondissement.

Several buildings in the surrounding area have been damaged and pictures of the scene show a large amount of debris strewn in the street.

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Pranav Chittur, who heard the explosion, told the Metro: "The fire woke me up in the morning". People were stuck in the rubble as well.

"The explosion was so severe, windows were breaking three or four blocks away where I was", Luke said.

Vision from the blast scene shows people lying on the street bleeding with others walking around barefoot.

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