Trump Mocks Global Warming as Temps Sink: 'Please Come Back'

Christopher Davidson
January 29, 2019

President Donald Trump on Monday mocked climate scientists as he jokingly pleaded for global warming to "come back fast, we need you!" while warning the Midwest of impending freezing temperatures. What the hell is going on with Global Waming?

Trump has long dismissed global warming, and in late November said he wasn't among the "believers" who see climate change as a pressing problem.

Some forecasts show parts of IL and Minnesota could reach a wind chill of -60 degrees Fahrenheit - as cold as Antarctica.

President Donald Trump is sharing his thoughts on global warming ahead of the arctic conditions expected in parts of the country this week.

Despite Trump's claims, 2018 was among the hottest on record across the globe and the planet is expected to get hotter according to experts. Trump tweeted on Monday night.

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Citing the awful cold that has gripped the Midwest, Trump taunted the phenomenon of global warming asking it to "come back fast" in his tweet. "People can't last outside even for minutes".

Once again, Trump is confusing weather with climate - the temperature outside in a given place at a given time says nothing about global temperature trends.

If you cared about facts, you would know that climate change doesn't only cause temperatures to increase.

The public seems to be accepting the scientific view over Trump's.

Trump had pulled out of the Paris Agreement that aimed to combat climate change by keeping a global temperature rise this century well below 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels. Chris Gloninger, a meteorologist from NBC10 Boston, pointed out in a pair of tweets that climate and weather are not synonymous, and "climate change means EXTREME weather, which includes record cold weather as well".

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