What is Cervical Cancer and Why EVERY Woman Should Get Herself Screened

Christopher Davidson
February 4, 2019

"What did I do wrong?"- Some people think they're being punished for something they did or didn't do in the past. With the chances of a cancer diagnosis higher than ever before, it's only sensible that people make sure they are prepared for the worst.

The NHS has a policy of providing a specialist referral within two weeks, if the GP considers the risk of cancer to be above 3%.

Fifteen years ago, cancer patients like Nsabimana had to seek treatment from foreign countries such as Kenya.

Under such a bleak scenario, SKMCH&RC is doing its best to treat cancer patients from not just all over Pakistan but Afghanistan also.

The head of the HZJZ Cancer Registry, Mario Šekorija, said the number of people with malignancies was constantly rising, mostly due to higher life expectancy and the increasingly high number of elderly people.

University Teaching Hospital of Kigali offers surgery, King Faisal Hospital offers surgery and drugs, Butaro Cancer Centre offers chemotherapy, Rwanda Military Hospital offers surgery, and will soon have radiotherapy as well, and also offers chemotherapy, while University Teaching Hospital of Butare also does surgery. About 26,000 people lose the battle per day. By 2030 it is expected to go up to 13million deaths- if we don't act now! "By detecting cancer at its earliest stage, we seize the greatest opportunity to prevent millions of avoidable deaths worldwide".

Because of the previous investments in cancer research, millions of cancer patients are alive today, and we are enjoying a quarter century of sustained declines in cancer mortality.

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Is Cancer a death sentence?

Historically, there are some cancers that are more hard to diagnose than others. At the same time, with the increased aging population, environmental degradation and food safety issues, the incidence of cancer in China has seen an upward trend for many years. Screening tests are available for breast, colon, prostate, cervical, lung and many other types of cancers.

It is essential to be aware of one's risk of Cancer and get screened for early detection, which helps protect you and prevent the Cancer from developing.

It's being led by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), and aims to inspire and encourage action from individuals, the health community, and governments to improve public awareness and access to early detection, screening, and diagnosis.

While Shaukat Khanum hospital is committed to provide best cancer care facilities to every citizen, irrespective of their ability to pay, it is also imperative to spread awareness about the disease.

In many developed countries, notification of cancer cases is compulsory.

According to Cancer Care Ontario, every year approximately 500 Ontario women are diagnosed with cervical cancer and 160 women die from it. However notification of cancer is not yet mandatory.

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