White House announces State of the Union guests

Irving Hamilton
February 5, 2019

The president's State of the Union a year ago clocked in at 1 hour and 20 minutes, just nine minutes short of the modern record set by Bill Clinton in his final address in 2000.

In the Roosevelt Room on Monday evening, Vice President Mike Pence, acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and Conway briefed surrogates who are expected to speak about the address on television and radio about themes of unity in the address, multiple sources close to the White House said.

Sen. Lindsey Graham said the Republican Party is very divided over the border wall and argued that President Trump choosing to declare a national emergency to build the structure could mean war within the GOP.

However, Rep. Steve Cohen told The Hill: "I will not attend the State of the Union once again this year".

Before the speech even begins, the White House is working to coordinate and shape the media's response to it.

"We see this as the most likely outcome because despite reaching a stopgap agreement, President Trump and congressional Democrats remain fundamentally at odds over border security appropriations but will likely seek to avoid a further shutdown", the report stated.

Iran defies U.S. with display of long-range cruise missile
Iran said in January its bid to launch a satellite failed after Tehran ignored U.S. warnings to avoid such activity. Hoveizeh , Iran's new cruise missile is exposed during an exhibition in the capital Tehran on February 2, 2019.

The current White House resident has experience stemwinding for extended periods of time: His nomination acceptance speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention stretched for 1 hour and 15 minutes, the longest such address in more than four decades. Despite the shutdown, the US economy added a robust 304,000 jobs in January, marking 100 straight months of job growth. Despite the objections of some advisers, Mr Trump announced in December that he was withdrawing United States forces in Syria.

In a weekend interview with CBS, Trump said efforts to defeat the IS group were "at 99 percent right now".

US officials say the Islamic State group now controls less than 10 square kilometers (3.9 square miles) of territory in Syria, an area smaller than New York's Central Park.

On Monday the White House revealed its special guests for Tuesday night's State of the Union.

The invitation of Joshua Trump is the latest initiative of Melania Trump's Be Best campaign, in which the First Lady "encourage [s] everyone to be kind to each other and treat each other with respect in everyday life and on social media".

The White House has announced President Donald Trump's guest list for the State of the Union, and nearly every invitee represents one of Trump's favorite pet issues.

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