New emoji for 2019 include wheelchairs, waffles and sloths

Desiree Burns
February 7, 2019

Another interesting new emoji added is a red drop of liquid which many have branded the "monthly periods blood emoji". The 2019 batch of emojis is just around the corner.

As a part of the 230 new emojis, 59 are base emojis and 171 variants for gender and skin tones.

Emojipedia has put together a great video previewing what each of these new emoji may look like when they arrive on our devices later this year.

Emoji 12.0 will also add food options like falafel, butter, potatoes, garlic, onions, a waffle, and a juice box. The victor, though, has to be the waffle topped with a ideal little knob of butter.

While we're on the topic of animals, there's another five in addition to the two dogs: sloth, otter, orangutan, skunk and flamingo. Plan International UK submitted it to the emoji powers-that-be at Unicode, but "sadly, the design didn't get accepted".

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At long last Unicode, the bods-that-be who make the decisions about emojis, have confirmed the period emoji has been given the go-ahead. Check out the full range here.

It is called "Pinching Hand", but online users have been quick to point out that once it is officially released it may not be used to convey the act of pinching.

A new emoji being rolled out this year will depict a hand doing a pinching motion to depict a "small penis" and mock modestly endowed gentlemen.

More than 50 new emojis will be available March of this year. One person, commenting on Plan International's tweet about the news, described the new emoji as "stunning and brave". With that said, some of the new emojis include people in wheel chairs, bionic arms, seeing eye dogs, and more.

The new set of emojis also expands the scope of people that can be represented, including differently-abled people, a gender inclusive couple, and a mix of skin tones for people holding hands.

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