President Trump Spends 60 Percent Working Hours in 'Executive Time'

Blanche Robertson
February 7, 2019

Starting on Wednesday, November 7, the day immediately after the midterm elections, Trump has spent around 297 hours of the past three months in Executive Time, according to 51 private schedules Axios has obtained. According to the leaked schedules, our president has spent 60% of his "working" hours since the midterms in unstructured "Executive Time". He generally has meetings and lunch in the middle of the day and portions of the afternoon, followed by more "executive time" that stretches into the evening.

Executive time for Trump can be a number of different things, whether that be live-tweeting "Fox & Friends" from bed or conducting loosely structured meetings and making calls.

The White House did not dispute the authenticity of the schedules and instead set their sights on publicly trashing the official responsible for the leak. Apparently it's highly unstructured, an idea cooked up by former chief of staff John Kelly because the poor president found sticking to a schedule so loathsome.

Gatekeepers author Chris Whipple said: "The most important asset in any presidency is the President's time".

The schedules were published Sunday by Axios, which highlighted the amount of flexible "Executive Time" allotted to the president every day.

'President Trump has ignited a booming economy with lower taxes and higher wages, established the U.S. as the #1 producer of oil and gas in the world, remade our judiciary, rebuilt our military, and renegotiated better trade deals.

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"What a disgraceful breach of trust to leak schedules", Director of Oval Office Operations Madeleine Westerhout wrote on Twitter Sunday. It's indisputable that our country has never been stronger than it is today under the leadership of President Trump, ' She continued in the email statement.

He wakes at about 6am and "each day's schedule places Trump in "Location: Oval Office" from 8 to 11am", Axios reports.

"Executive time" does not necessarily preclude meetings, Axios said, since they may be organised on the spur of the moment and include calls with heads of state, political meetings and meetings with counsel in the White House residence. "This [president] is working harder for the American people than anyone in recent history".

"But with Trump because he's tweeting and his tweets in many cases are clearly inspired by some Fox News segment only 10 minutes ago, it's pretty obvious what he's spending his time doing, at least in the early part of the day".

White House officials dispute the characterization Trump is not interested in such topics or has only a superficial understanding of them.

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