Donald Trump's rally in El Paso to buck wall foes

Blanche Robertson
February 8, 2019

USA lawmakers negotiating a deal with President Donald Trump on border security funding on Thursday said progress was being made, with Democratic Senator Jon Tester raising the possibility of a successful conclusion to talks as soon as Friday.

And in El Paso, Texas, Trump appeared to anger much of the city after he said it was one of the most risky in the country - before a border wall was built in 2008. "Now, immediately upon its building, with a powerful barrier in place, El Paso is one of the safest cities in our country".

"I don't know that he's ever gotten a personal perspective from them, and that is key to really understanding what people are going through", Escobar told the Post.

El Paso County Sheriff Richard Wiles, however, disagreed with his Trump's assessment of the area.

Trump agreed in late January to temporarily re-open the government for three weeks until February 15 and allow for a period of negotiations, stipulating that a national emergency declaration is all but certain if his terms are not met.

Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan has authorized "the repositioning of approximately 250 active duty military personnel from current border security support missions in Arizona to the vicinity of the Eagle Pass" in response to the approaching caravan, Pentagon spokesman Capt. Bill Speaks said in a statement.

At the same time, the White House is exploring how to work around Congress to build a border wall.

She did not provide any details what kind of border security measures might be funded in any deal to keep the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies operating through the end of this fiscal year on September 30.

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Fernando Garcia, executive director of the Border Network for Human Rights, said Trump "openly distorted the facts and the reality of our border region to justify the unjustifiable: his absurd obsession of a border wall".

The rally is scheduled for Monday in El Paso, Texas, The Hill reported.

In San Diego, high school teacher Stacy Salazar, whose students are primarily Hispanic and low-income, was appalled that Trump wanted to spend billions on walls when her school could not afford basic supplies.

Democrats have been in a position of strength in the talks, after Republicans lost House control in November's elections, Trump forced a record 35-day federal shutdown and surrendered without getting $5.7 billion he's demanded for a wall.

Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Republican Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama, stated that they have turned the discussion to professional workers to analyze and determine what form of border is needed, if one is needed at all.

"The dialogue is good". "El Pasoans should be offended by the way the president used our community to advance his racist and xenophobic agenda".

Trump's campaign manager tweeted the rally will be held "less than 1000 feet from the successful border fence that keeps El Paso safe!" We're talking about substance.

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