Oil workers flee Venezuela's crisis for a better life

Blanche Robertson
February 8, 2019

The United States has urged the countries of the world to recognize Guaidó as the country's president.

Elliott Abrams, Washington's special envoy on Venezuela, said the aid effort was being coordinated with Guaido's team but that the aid would not be forced into Venezuela.

Escorted by police motorcycles, the trucks pulled into Cucuta, where Venezuelans were waiting to see whether Maduro's government would clear the border road he has blocked and allow the humanitarian shipments to pass.

He also denounced a meeting in Montevideo of ministers from more than a dozen European and Latin American countries who are seeking a mediated path to end Venezuela's standoff.

'The revolution is more alive than ever, ' Maduro said. Some Maduro critics say the Venezuelan people would welcome a US led regional effort to force the entrenched leader from power.

More than 3 million Venezuelan people have fled the country amid an aggravating humanitarian crisis and an extreme poverty rate of 40 percent.

Ramirez believes that Maduro betrayed the legacy of Chavez, but is refusing to support Guaido because he is backed by the USA and the "extreme right-wing" in Venezuela.

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EU Foreign Policy chief Federica Mogherini said a resolution ultimately must come from the people of Venezuela.

Guaido says the May 2018 vote in which Maduro won a second term as president was a sham and on January 23 invoked a constitutional provision to declare himself president, promising free and fair elections.

Their organization, the International Contact Group on Venezuela, issued a statement saying they would send a technical mission to the country to help provide humanitarian aid and support new elections as soon as possible.

Critics say three previous dialogues have allowed the ruling Socialist Party to stall for time without making major concessions on key issues including imprisoned opposition politicians and electoral transparency.

The possible use of USA military force to oust Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro raises concerns about the possible costs in lives and unintended consequences that may come from committing American troops to fight and die in another foreign conflict.

Guaido has said the time for dialogue has passed.

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