Anthem's Update Roadmap Outlined, Plus BioWare Shares Endgame Details

Donna Miller
February 10, 2019

The developer detailed the Anthem endgame in a blog post today.

We might still be a couple of weeks away from the release of EA and Bioware's upcoming Anthem, but that hasn't stopped the launch trailer from flying in to help build up the hype. Similar to the Borderlands series, the progressive level ups will make the in-game world more hard, but also increase the power and rarity of the reward drops you can find in the game. Part two shows off the endgame content for Anthem that will hopefully keep players coming back for more and more. Players will also have access to Contracts.

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For more on Anthem, be sure to check out a breakdown of what Anthem's Endgame content will look like from a gameplay perspective, as well as 10 minutes of a Legendary Contract on Anthem's challenging Grandmaster I difficulty. Also, EA's Anthem is releasing at the end of the eighth gen console cycle so this all makes sense. The three Grand Master tiers can only be played once you've reached Pilot Level 30. "They're created to be more seasonal", Darrah said, adding that "the goal of something like a Cataclysm is that it should be impossible for you to fully explore in that first week".

After you've ventured deep into the world of Anthem, mastered their abilities and gone toe-to-toe with terrifying enemies, their journey will only be getting started. Different endgame objectives will reward the player with crafting blueprints for gear and personalization items. These multi-part missions take a lot more work, skill, and firepower to complete, but the rewards are far greater to match. Finally, the third update will introduce Anthem's first Cataclysm, a type of time-limited world event said to be partly inspired by Fortnite's long-game seasonal narratives. Contracts will allow players to increase their reputation with different factions, granting them access to crafting blueprints. You never know what your adventures will lead you to - rewards, mysterious discoveries, or something you'd rather not find.

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