Fox News host Pete Hegseth doesn't believe in germs

Lewis Collier
February 13, 2019

His theory that "I can't see them, therefore they're not real" may not go down too well with some of his more religious followers.

Pete Hegseth told his Fox & Friends audience he doesn't believe in germs.

To that end, he continued, he has simply not washed his hands in nigh on 10 years.

"I inoculate myself", added the Harvard and Princeton graduate. "'I can't see them, therefore they're not real'".

He noted it was all about building up his robust immune system: "I can't get sick".

Hegseth was on the air with Ed Henry and Jedediah Bila when, after a commercial, they started talking about Hegseth eating day-old pizza during the break, reported Newsweek, which posted video of the exchange.

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In response Mr Hegseth argued that pizza "lasts for a long time".

One co-host, smiling, exclaimed, "Someone help me", nearly as though she was providing an adequate button on which to end this conversation.

The Fox personality's remarks made the rounds on social media, prompting many to react and wonder why, if true, he would even admit to such a thing.

You might think this would be Hegseth's chance to back off and call the whole thing a joke gone awry or a television gaffe. "I've been hearing reports that you have not been washing your hands".

Professor Donald Schaffner said: "People need to feel comfortable when they are washing their hands but as far as effectiveness, this study shows us that the temperature of the water used didn't matter". Several people in the replies accused him of lying and backpedaling to save face. It's a basic task that helps stop the spread of diseases and infections.

Germs and microbes have been observed in pretty much every environment on Earth, from our food, to the soil in which it grows, and the hands of the humans that produce and prepare it.

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