Gmail's expanded right-click menu makes it easier to manage email

Donna Miller
February 13, 2019

Google has gradually been updating Gmail over the years, and the refreshed context menu provides easy access to more message options. While nowhere near as radical a change as the recent Gmail inbox design overhaul. the update is created to improve inbox management.

The update means that it is now possible to perform more actions directly from the inbox.

Google started rolling this out on Monday for Gmail users on the Rapid Release track.

Users can now right-click (or long-press on a touchscreen) to move email between tabs, archive, mark as unread, and delete email. The options are slightly different depending on whether or not you have conversation mode on, but cover many key functions.

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The new right-click menu allows users to open multiple emails in new windows at the same time, quickly add a label to an email or move an email.

If conversation view is turned off (see image below), you will be able to search for all emails with the same subject for quick access to the thread's history.

For someone whose workflow includes a lot of right clicking, this could be very useful, as Google has crammed pretty much everything you might need into that menu. Still, it could take up to fifteen days for it to be added to your interface. Scheduled release domains (in which users get features at least a week after they're released publicly) will get the feature beginning February 22.

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