Tesla update to include Dog Mode

Irving Hamilton
February 13, 2019

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is assured in regards to the success of the automotive firm's upcoming SUV, Mannequin Y. Probably, the electrical SUV may dominate the market in opposition to all odds. However, if there are no more cars, and all of the orders for the high-priced models are almost filled, where will the company's revenue come from? This in sharp contrast to the delivery hell that prompted Tesla to call on their fans to volunteer last September after they had finally brought production up to speed reportedly. Total EV sales last year brought the share of plug-in cars to 2.1 percent, which, albeit not a very impressive figure on its own, is a lot more than EVs accounted for just two years ago. Nonetheless, Tesla has fame for shaking issues up within the markets they enter.

"Given the need for revenue to cover costs and generate cash, the financial community should be focused on the level of demand for Tesla vehicles - in particular the Model 3", wrote Barclays analyst Brian Johnson in January.

The Las Vegas-based group was largely responsible for delivering the company's savior vehicle: the Model 3. "You grow to understand those quite soon after owning an electric vehicle". That is only a month away, and it's unsure if Musk himself would be the one to drag the curtains of the brand new automotive.

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Musk has said Tesla has multiple ways of stoking demand, if it chose to, such as offering leases or boosting marketing efforts.

Yet the most shorted company in the history of the US market somehow managed to turn things around and ramp up the Model 3 production quickly enough to report a profit for the third quarter of 2018.

The Model 3s now rolling out of Tesla's Fremont, California, factory are going to Chinese and European buyers, Tesla says. Potentially, the Model Y could also do the same in the SUV market. Halfway through past year, we saw an update that introduced a dashcam feature using the front-facing camera and since then, there has been more and more talk about how to take advantage of the cameras, beyond parking and active safety assistance.

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