Doctors Report Dozens of Attacks on Ebola Treatment Centers in Congo

Desiree Burns
March 10, 2019

Another 304 people have been cured, and 223 suspected cases are still under investigation.

Ebola responders have increasingly been seen as the enemy, with more than 30 attacks and incidents against the Ebola response in the past month alone, she said.

This is the second largest Ebola outbreak on record causing a massive global response.

3. On March 6, the nonprofit research charity Wellcome Trust shared plans to allocate $2.65 million for vaccine research in the Congo.

Dr. Joanne Liu, a Canadian who is the global president of Doctors Without Borders, said the outbreak would not be beaten unless the community trusted the authorities and were treated humanely. We think, as physicians, that it is an epidemic, an infectious disease issue and that we need to treat patients and not an enemy of the nation.

The outbreak, which started, last year, has killed more than 500 people in North Kivu and Ituri provinces.

"There is something that needs to be reframed", Liu said. The new illnesses lift the overall outbreak total to 913, which includes 848 confirmed and 65 probable cases. The increase the risk of Infection for other people.

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Also in the update, the health ministry pushed back on and clarified some perceptions of the outbreak. "The police and the army are not involved in Ebola response activities and their role has never been to enforce sanitary measures".

A spokeswoman for Congo's Health Ministry said there appeared to be confusion about the security forces' role. "It is unacceptable for health workers to be threatened and assaulted in the course of their work", the officials said.

MSF was insisting on security before it returned to its damaged facilities, she said.

"We have tools and innovations that previously we only dreamed of. and yet, despite all of this, the signs are that Ebola is not under control", Lieu said.

In its weekly snapshot of the outbreak, the World Health Organization said today that virus transmission continues with moderate intensity and that Katwa and Butembo are still the main areas of concern, though small clusters continue to pop up across a wide part of the affected area.

The key to stopping past epidemics has been isolating the sick and tracking everyone who might have been exposed, until there are no more new cases. At the epicenter of the epidemic, in Katwa and Butembo, 43% of patients in the last three weeks were still being infected without known links to other cases.

"These events highlight the importance for response teams to remain active across all areas, including those with lower case incidence, to rapidly detect new cases and prevent onward transmission", the World Health Organization said.

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