Facebook says Elizabeth Warren ad pulled for violating policy

Irving Hamilton
March 12, 2019

The material was nevertheless soon restored, following a report in Politico.

Facebook temporarily removed multiple advertisements from Sen.

"In the interest of allowing robust debate, we are restoring the ads", the company said in a statement to The Washington Post.

Warren on Friday published a piece arguing Amazon, Google, and Facebook need to "break up" monopolies in order to promote competitive markets. To follow up on that, she was asked as to how Apple would keep the iPhone secure if the App Store is not run by Apple.

The ads urged voters to go to her website to sign a petition urging them "to support our plan to break up these big tech companies".

Warren's proposal includes two methods of bringing competition back to the technology sector: passing legislation that deems Amazon, Facebook and Google as "platform utilities" as well as reversing previously approved mergers, which the senator has called "illegal and anti-competitive". "But in their rise to power, they've bulldozed competition, used our private information for profit, and tilted the playing field in their favor".

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As part of her policy rollout, Warren's campaign placed multiple ads with identical images and text on Facebook, according to Politico. The ads included a video touting Warren's recently unveiled proposal to use federal antitrust law to break up tech giants like Facebook, Amazon and Google. "It's for people who are tech entrepreneurs it's for people who have small businesses and want to grow big businesses, it's for people who have medium-sized businesses and want to grow them", Warren added that she does not want large tech firms to use their information and power to stile smaller, rising, firms.

Ads linking to Facebook or Instagram content (including Pages, groups, events or sites that use Facebook Login) may make limited reference to "Facebook" or "Instagram" in ad text for the goal of clarifying the destination of the ad.

The policy in question says that Facebook ads can not use the company's corporate logo in posts.

Ads should not represent the Facebook brand in a way that makes it the most distinctive or prominent feature of the creative.

"But if you want proof of Elizabeth's point that Facebook has too much power, look no further than their ability to shut down a debate over... whether Facebook has too much power". "Let's start with their ability to shut down a debate over whether FB has too much power", the MA senator wrote, using the hashtag #BreakUpBigTech. Thanks for restoring my posts.

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