North Korea election turnout 99.99 percent: state media

Blanche Robertson
March 14, 2019

Na said Moon's outreach to Pyongyang and proposals to restart inter-Korean economic projects banned under US -led worldwide sanctions are causing a rift with Washington, which has called for allies to maintain economic pressure until North Korea takes firmer steps toward relinquishing its nuclear weapons and missiles.

Q4 Now this comes at a time when there have been reports that North Korea could take provocative action following satellite imagery showing fix work being done at its Dongchang-ri missile test site.

They will be joined by several other officials of the two sides handling North Korea affairs in the first face-to-face working group session since the unsuccessful Hanoi summit between the US and North Korea late last month.

The Center for Strategic International Studies' Beyond Parallel last week published satellite images from March 6 and March 8 that shows new activity on a launch pad in northwestern North Korea consistent with preparations for a missile or satellite launch.

-North Korea summit in Vietnam ended without any agreement. But she said they haven't got a date on the calendar.

Griffiths said that "it's not so much individual sites where you see activity that's hard to identify" but rather the "established fact and long-term patterns - and what implication that has for the sanctions regime, and a genuine pivot by North Korea towards a different path".

Japan's government says at least 17 citizens were abducted by North Korea.

The office of South Korean President Moon Jae-in responded sharply Tuesday to a conservative lawmaker's accusation that he was acting as the "top spokesman" of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

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"Chairman Kim was sent a very clear signal in that resolution. and that, I think, is very important", Griffiths said.

But the meeting collapsed over an impasse over how many weapons sites North Korea would shut down and the extent of economic sanctions relief the USA would offer in return.

After last month's summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Hanoi, U.S. President Donald Trump said he trusted Kim's pledge to him that he would not resume nuclear or missile testing.

After the Hanoi summit broke down last month over discussions of Washington's demand on denuclearization and Pyongyang's demand on sanctions relief, Kim made a first public statement emphasizing economic development, a goal he set for this year during his New Year's Day speech.

And there have been claims that a rocket launch site is being rebuilt.

The country also continues to violate an arms embargo, a ban on importing luxury goods and financial sanctions and it defies sanctions on its exports, including through "a massive increase in illegal ship-to-ship transfers of petroleum products and coal", the report says.

"Look, when I came in", he said, "under the Obama administration, North Korea was a disaster".

Q6 According to a report to the UN Security Council by a panel of global experts, North Korea has found a chink in the armor of the sanctions placed on the regime.

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