Rocket sirens sounded in Tel Aviv after 2 rockets fired from Gaza

Blanche Robertson
March 15, 2019

Sirens sounded and explosions could be heard in an Israeli city on Thursday evening, according to a report.

The rockets both hit open areas, and did not cause casualties. TV footage showed Israeli interceptor missiles streaking into the sky and detonating.

The Iron Dome anti-missile defense system was triggered by one of the rockets over the city; the second rocket landed in an open area outside the city.

A Hamas official told the The Times of Israel that the terror group "has no interest in an escalation" with Israel. There have been several smaller rounds of fighting since, reined in by Egyptian and United Nations mediations. Israel's military has responded with widespread airstrikes.

"The two Fajr-5 rockets were fired by Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) in Gaza, the second strongest group in the coastal enclave after Hamas". Palestinian witnesses told Reuters that Israeli warplanes targeted two Hamas security positions in the south and north of the Gaza Strip. "It is responsible for what happens within the Strip and what emanates from it".

The statement added that the administration vowed to "take measures" against those behind it. They include Salafists inspired by the Islamic State group, as well as Islamic Jihad, an Iranian-backed armed organization that also possesses a formidable rocket arsenal.

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Meanwhile, moments after the IDF launched air raid against alleged Hamas targets in Gaza the alarm sirens went off in the southern part of Israel, signalizing possible Palestinian shelling.

While no group claimed responsibility for the attack, Israeli Education Minister and member of security cabinet Naftali Bennett told RT he believes Hamas bears responsibility for the incident anyway.

Earlier on Thursday, Hamas violently broke up a rare demonstration against its rule in Gaza.

Netanyahu also faced pressure from the centre-left opposition, whose leading candidate, ex-general Benny Gantz, said "only aggressive, harsh action will restore the deterrence that has eroded" under the prime minister's watch.

Tensions have been high for the past year along the Israel-Gaza frontier since Palestinians began violent protests near Israel's border fence that have often drawn a lethal response from the Israeli military.

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