Tucker Carlson backlash jeopardizes Fox News ad revenue

Lewis Collier
March 15, 2019

Fox News has continued to stand behind Carlson, saying it would not allow voices to be "censored by agenda-driven intimidation efforts" from leftist organizations. "She's like a wounded gazelle, separated from the herd". Fox News covered the story.

Carlson, co-founder of The Daily Caller, argued on his Fox News show that he is a victim of "the great American outrage machine", referring to the organized left-wing boycotts of his advertisers and the calls for him to be fired.

In the segments, Carlson suggested underage marriage is not as serious as forcible child rape, called rape shield laws "totally unfair" and once said he would "love" a scenario involving young girls sexually experimenting.

"What brings in the money is the opinion hosts, they're the people that bag 4 million viewers on a really good night", McLaughlin said, adding that the timing could not be worse for Fox News with its "first big event with advertisers" scheduled for Wednesday morning.

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Carlson responded to the audio releases with his own tweet this week. It becomes a busy news week, and he's not going to take the mob's crap.

Activists such as Sleeping Giants have relentlessly targeted the network's TV and online advertisers, part of its mission to hit the profits of outlets it believes promote bigotry and sexism.

He also commented on the appearance of a 2007 Miss USA contestant, Caitlin Upton, calling her "appealing" and "dumb", and saying she would "probably be a pretty good wife". "As a testament to that, this is literally all they have and all that they have had for all these years... the only that they ever highlight are those posts which were specifically written with the intent of underscoring just how gross and awful right-wing blowhards are". This is Carlson speaking in 2006. NerdWallet Inc., the personal finance company, said it hasn't advertised on Carlson's show since the end of a year ago.

After his show on Tuesday, Carlson's Fox News colleague Sean Hannity commended him for fending off his many detractors, adding that Carlson had delayed a vacation to defend himself on air (though, later, a Fox News spokesman said Hannity misspoke and that Carlson was always scheduled to host his show this week). "But we will never bow to the mob, ever", Carlson said.

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