NASA’s new rocket won’t be ready for moon shot next year

Christopher Davidson
March 16, 2019

U.S. space agency NASA has selected nine teams to study untouched samples collected from the Moon by the Apollo missions in the 1970s and carefully stored for almost 50 years.

Earth's Moon was once assumed to be a dry and dusty place, but over time that image has changed. "We have the first all-female spacewalk happening this month at the end of March, which is, of course, National Women's Month", said Bridenstine.

The team, led by UC Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory, or SSL, associate research chemist Kees Welten, will study how impacts from meteorites and micrometeorites may have affected the geology of the moon's surface, NASA said in the statement. Canadian Space Agency flight controller Kristen Facciol will be supporting McClain and Koch on the console at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston.

We're getting suits ready, setting the procedures, and getting the team ready, McClain said.

It is the first time that NASA has clearly acknowledged the extent of the problems with the SLS, which according to an inspector general's report last August has so far cost the space agency more than 12 billion US dollars to develop.

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The government space agency announced Monday it had chosen nine teams, giving them a total of $8 million, to help study the lunar samples for the first time in an effort to better understand the Moon, as well as help prepare for future space exploration.

NASA already is using private companies to make International Space Station shipments.

"These are great days", he said.

The first person to land on Mars will most likely be a woman. Today, women compromise 34 percent of NASA's active astronauts, according to the agency. Bridenstine also highlighted how NASA aims to send a female cosmonaut as the next first person on the moon, The New York Post reported. It's scheduled to last about seven hours.

"Certainly there are opportunities to utilize commercial capabilities to launch the Orion crew capsule and the European Service Module around the moon by June of 2020, which was our originally stated objective", Bridenstine told Sen. NASA Faces Other Significant Cuts But Remains Positive About Future Accomplishments While the delayed James Webb Space Telescope is expected to be launched on 2021, the budget proposal reveals that there will be no funding for the Wide-Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST) while the former is still being developed.

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