NY County Bans Unvaccinated Kids from Public Spaces

Desiree Burns
March 28, 2019

Unvaccinated minors under the age of 18 have been banned from public places effective Wednesday, March 27, 2019 at midnight.

Day's announcement comes after a federal judge denied a request from parents of unvaccinated children to let the kids into a Rockland County Waldorf School because of the "unprecedented measles outbreak".

Rockland County, which is located around 11 miles north of Manhattan, has kept its playgrounds open to children who haven't been vaccinated. But if officials become aware that an unvaccinated person has been in a public place, law enforcement will get involved, he said.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is now monitoring six measles outbreaks around the country.

NY county hit by a measles outbreak declared a state of emergency Tuesday and banned non-vaccinated minors from public places in a bid to prevent the once-eliminated disease from spreading.

"We are urging them to get their children vaccinated", Day said.

"During this time, the mission of the Health Department was to maximize immunizations and minimize exposures", Day said during an interview on "Cavuto: Coast-to-Coast" Wednesday. Some people are unable to be vaccinated for medical reasons, and those people will be exempt. Religious exemptions are not permitted as an exception to the ban.

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More than 150 people have been infected since fall 2018, when seven unvaccinated people diagnosed with measles entered the county, reported the AP.

"Our inspectors have begun to meet resistance from those they are trying to protect. We are not going to be checking [vaccination] cards or inspecting people", Day said.

The measles outbreak has also been especially hard on the area's Orthodox Jewish community, which tends to have a lower vaccination rate.

But Lyon said residents are becoming worn out, are not returning calls from the health department and are declining to speak with health investigators who visit in person. "This type of response is unacceptable and frankly irresponsible".

Day said the measles problem in Rockland is the worst outbreak in the nation.

This year the CDC has reported 314 measles cases in 15 states. "It endangers the health and well-being of others, and displays a shocking lack of responsibility and concern for others in our community".

"We want people to enjoy their holidays and spend them with their families", Day said. Their parents could even face jail time.

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