Trump Postpones Move to Dismantle Obamacare

Desiree Burns
April 5, 2019

Many Democrats, who benefited from prior rules changes under Obama, now say the GOP move will enable Trump and future presidents, so long as their party controls the Senate, to run roughshod over the Senate.

"He started this whole thing", McConnell said just before the final vote.

U.S. President Donald Trump has been exploring the art of the climb-down.

The move to shorten debate on such nominees from 30 hours to two hours was resisted by Democrats but they could not block it because Republicans hold 53 seats in the 100-seat chamber. Now, such nominees will receive two hours of formal debate before a final confirmation roll call. Then, in Trump style, he criticized Democrats because they "never proposed detailed legislation" for what would come after repeal.

McConnell, no stranger to obstructionist tactics himself, said the situation had gotten out of hand, with the Senate taking 128 votes to end debate on Trump's nominees during his first two years in office, far more than under other presidents.

"Today, Senator Schumer will reap what he sowed", Cotton said.

"The Justice Department has not only refused to defend hundreds of thousands of West Virginians with pre-existing conditions but gone even further to argue against the constitutionality of the entire Affordable Care Act". She died while waiting for Senate confirmation.

All Democrats and two Republicans - Sens. Susan Collins of ME and Mike Lee of Utah.

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McConnell is set to employ a procedural maneuver to effectively change the rules by a party-line vote instead of the supermajority that would ordinarily be required.

To get the speed-up he wants, McConnell is going to preside over a drastic cut in the time the Senate spends debating lower court nominees.

The eventual nominee, Merrick Garland, never received a hearing in the past year of Obama's term, keeping the seat vacant. Republicans are hoping that they can confirm as many of Trump's conservative picks as possible while they control the Senate and White House.

The two actions, taken together, effectively left the minority party with nearly no power to block presidential appointments, so long as the majority was unified in support. We saw this in November 2018 when House Speaker Paul Ryan and his successor as House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy both suggested that late returns erasing GOP leads in California congressional races had to be the product of Democratic skullduggery.

He said one of the major reasons Democrats won control of the House past year was because Republicans did not have a healthcare plan to put forward to voters.

"If you don't support it, you have no chance of winning", Trump said.

Twenty-one states are appealing the December ruling to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. Neither of those Trump nominees would have been confirmed if 60 votes had been needed.

"My colleagues on the other side can't have it both ways", Sen. Indeed, this claim led to his appointment of the infamous Presidential Commission on Election Integrity, led by the nativist vote-suppression hero Kris Kobach, which collapsed in disarray without producing any new evidence of the president's lurid scenario.

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