Labo VR pops up in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Donna Miller
April 13, 2019

Nintendo is launching its first virtual reality headset (of sorts) this week in the form of the new Labo VR kit.

The complete kit provides everything you need to make the Toy-Con creations, play a variety of games, and discover how Nintendo Switch technology brings it all to life. Some games even allow players who aren't looking into the Toy-Con VR Goggles to interact with the on-screen experience. VR can be isolating, but Labo VR is centered around quick, shareable games created to be played with friends. Each expansion set runs $19.99, which means you're paying the same price whether you buy the full Labo VR kit or you buy the Starter Set and its expansions over time.

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Both Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be updated to support the Labo VR Goggles on April 25. The VR mode will take the form of three "mini missions" set in the Cap, Seaside, and Luncheon Kingdoms, with the main objective being to collect coins and music notes. With the expanded kit, users will be able to build various objects like wind pedal, camera, giant blaster and a camera, etc.

This is the second look at how Super Mario Odyssey VR compatibility will work. With the launch of Labo VR kit, Nintendo has started its inning in the VR products segment.

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