Three-year-old locks dad out of iPad for 25,000,000 minutes

Donna Miller
April 13, 2019

As per Apple's guidelines, users experiencing problem with their device can restore and update their settings via iTunes. Twitterverse reacted with a thousand hearts. Evan's iPad was essentially locked down for over 48 years.

Osnos tweeted a photo of his disabled gadget via Twitter, stating that he wished it was fake but that he needed advice on what he can do.

How to restore access to disabled iPad/iPhone/iPod? It also had this mind-blowing message: "Try again in 25,536,442 minutes".

Apple wrote: 'Locking yourself out of your iOS device and retrying with the wrong password too many times leads to permanent removal of data from the device. In case you are wondering, there are 525,600 minutes in a regular year (not counting Leap Year).

One Twitter user joked the writer ought to reboot his 3-year-old, or try "time travel".

Others were nonsensical: "Put it in a bag of rice".

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Nevertheless, the problem was eventually solved. One user said that insanely long lockout periods are a well-documented issue plaguing Apple devices.

We just hope he backed up his data recently!

"We're still locked out", Osnos was quoted as saying by the New York Daily News.

Luckily, he was able to turn the situation around after putting the iPad on Device Firmware Update mode, which allows him to restore the device.

By the time he gets to use his iPad again, his three-year-old will have already celebrated his 50th birthday!

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