Sarah Huckabee Sanders Says Dems Aren't 'Smart Enough' To Understand Trump's Taxes

Blanche Robertson
April 15, 2019

"Look George, I don't know about you, but CNN isn't usually my first stop for a good source, particularly not when it comes to this president", Sanders said Sunday, adding that Trump "is actually trying to enforce laws, not go around them".

Last weekend, Mick Mulvaney, who is the acting White House chief of staff, told Fox News that Democrats would "never" see Mr. Trump's tax returns.

They have now sought his tax returns.

But opponents, mostly in the Democratic Party, say his push for building more walls on the Mexican border and his nearly daily denunciations of migrants as unsafe criminals incite racial hatred.

The president characterized the undocumented migrants as "gang members, drug dealers, human traffickers, and criminals of all shapes, sizes and kinds", a frequent trope in his immigration rhetoric that has faced widespread criticism from Democrats and immigration advocates.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders defended Trump earlier Sunday, saying the president has a duty to highlight Omar's history of making comments that others deem anti-Semitic or otherwise offensive and that he wished no "ill will" upon the first-term lawmaker. "The bigger question is why aren't Democrats doing the same thing?" This is one of them.

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Late on Saturday, Trump wrote on Twitter that the United States "has the absolute legal right" to transfer apprehended illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities, without citing evidence.

"With immigrants being less likely to commit crimes than the US -born population, and with sanctuary jurisdictions being safer and more productive than non-sanctuary jurisdictions, the data damns this proposal as a politically motivated stunt that seeks to play politics with peoples' lives", said George Gascon, district attorney for San Francisco. "And we are not afraid of diversity in the state of Washington".

The proposal has already faced questions about its cost and legality. The campaign, with headquarters in Arlington, Va., has already announced a national press team and, one official said, plans to create a unit for the sole objective of waging war against the news media.

The campaign and Republican allies have pointed to recent Democratic proposals for expanding Medicare and investing in green energy projects as a chance to frame the 2020 race as a referendum on what they view as socialist policies. Ben Cardin, D-Md., said the president was using the plan to energize his base. "There's no budget for that objective". "This is clearly a political move for the president".

The GOP governor-turned-senator appeared on CNN's State of the Union Sunday, where he cast some doubt on the president's proposal to relocate detained immigrants from the southern border with Mexico and to so-called sanctuary cities such as New York, San Francisco and Chicago that have policies against arresting illegal migrants exclusively for the objective of deportation. "He is using the immigrants as pawns in a political game of chess".

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