Death threats increased after Trump tweet: Ilhan Omar

Blanche Robertson
April 16, 2019

The video was no longer a pinned tweet at the top of Mr Trump's Twitter feed, but it had not been deleted.

The clip, which had been viewed more than 9.4 million times as of Sunday afternoon, ends with the words: "SEPTEMBER 11 2001 WE REMEMBER".

"She is out of control, except for her control of Nancy!" he said of Ms Omar.

"Far too long we have lived with the danger of being a second class citizen and frankly, I'm exhausted of it".

"But fortunately these forces will not succeed because Omar derives her legitimacy and support directly from the people and from grassroots using social media for them, through which she is able to bypass media which has been hostile to her", Bedier explained.

Omar was speaking last month to a California chapter of CAIR - the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

So as thousands of people come together to stand in solidarity with Omar, one thing's clear: Trump's words and actions must not go unchallenged.

Representative Ilhan Omar, Democrat of Minnesota, speaks during a press conference calling on Congress to cut funding for US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and to defund border detention facilities, outside the US Capitol, Feb. 7, 2019.

The relentless attacks from the media, particularly from the stable of Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation, was followed by President Donald Trump tweeting what can only be described as an incendiary video, in which footage of the 9/11 attacks on New York City is interwoven with Omar's words; the attacks on the Congresswoman moved from the obtuse and the absurd to the downright risky.

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Omar repeatedly has pushed fellow Democrats into uncomfortable territory with criticism of Israel and the strength of the Jewish state's influence in Washington.

Omar claimed that since Trump retweeted the video on Friday night, she has received many threats that referred or replied to the posted video.

Pelosi confirmed Sunday that she personally spoke with the House Sergeant-at-Arms in order to ensure the safety of Omar, as well as her family and staff. "President Trump must take down his disrespectful and unsafe video".

It's because of Rep Omar's vigorous leadership of progressive values, as well as her identity as the first Black Muslim woman in Congress, that she is a target of constant racist and bigoted attacks. No matter how hard Muslim Americans work to not make waves, far too many people will always see them as causing a storm anyway.

Their latest spat concerns Omar's remarks about the treatment of American Muslims since the September 2001 terror attacks on NY and Washington. "We will never forget", the video reads. Like Ocasio-Cortez, she said on Twitter that any "elected leader who refuses to condemn it shares responsibility for it".

Crenshaw also endorsed a tweet that claimed Omar "does not consider [September 11] a terrorist attack on the United States of America by terrorists" and repeated the far-right conspiracy theory that CAIR serves as little more than a front for foreign terrorists.

Trump's spokeswoman Sarah Sanders, meanwhile, defended the president Sunday against accusations that he was inciting violence toward Omar.

Omar also cited in her statement that this kind of rhetoric isn't unusual for the president.

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