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Lewis Collier
April 17, 2019

For Olivier Lebib, who has lived in Paris for 40 years, it is necessary for the cathedral to be restored to its former glory. Investigators plan to interview people from the five companies that were doing renovation work at the site.

French President Emmanuel Macron is vowing to rebuild France's landmark Notre Dame Cathedral after a catastrophic fire that drew a global outpouring of sympathy and support.

Construction on Notre Dame - French for "Our Lady" - began in the 12th century and continued for almost 200 years.

'All the 18th century steles, the pietas, frescoes, chapels and the big organ are fine'.

"They're going to have to consolidate the vault structure which was badly damaged by the fire and just be very careful about not removing any of the parts that are holding it together right now in the course of the restoration".

Pledges worth around 700 million euros ($790 million) have already been made Tuesday from French billionaires and businesses to restore the Gothic masterpiece.

Offers of practical assistance have flooded in from across Europe: Poland's President Andrzej Duda has extended the service of his country's reconstruction experts, famed for their restoration of Warsaw buildings razed to the ground in World War II; while the York Glaziers Trust in Britain, which restored the windows of York Minster cathedral when it was gutted by fire in 1984, has volunteered its expertise.

Debris inside Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. They're the beams that caught fire and then brought the lead roof down with them. Yet, they did have a helping hand, or more like a helping hose, in the guise of a 500-kilo robot named Colossus.

Researchers create 3D-printed heart with biological materials
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The sculpture of the bird - which is an unofficial symbol of France - was recovered Tuesday by a restorer picking through the rubble left when the spire on which it had sat toppled at the height of the inferno that ravaged Notre-Dame on Monday, a ministry spokesman told AFP. "But perhaps it can't be recreated as it was".

Crowds of tourists and Parisians watched in horror as the roof of the cathedral came crashing down to the ground.

While St. Boniface Cathedral was never restored to its former stature, Carriere also feels the worldwide significance of Notre Dame will ensure it is rebuilt on a similar scale to the burned structure. "We got a cathedral back and we're glad to have it", he said. This is something huge for western culture, and for the world.

"Our Lady of Paris in flames", Macron said, "I am sad tonight to see this part of us burn".

Mulaire, who's a member of the congregation at the rebuilt St. Boniface church remembers how the 1968 fire impacted her parents - their anniversary is on July 22 and they were in Paris with friends when the fire at the St. Boniface Cathedral occurred.

One of the group's members, Ron Ivey, said he was "heartbroken".

One person said: "I can see it pretty clear, gown and all".

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