Atkins hits the heights in China

Atkins has been awarded a contract to design the supertall centrepiece development for a new expansion project in Changsha, in the province of Hunan in China.

Changsha Northstar Real Estate Development Company is creating the new landmark on the Northstar Delta site.

landmark-supertall_lowThe Northstart Changsha Centre will integrate residential, cultural, retail and commercial space of the riverside area to create a central public space for activities.

It will include a supertall 400 metre landmark office tower, regional convention centre, department stores, a five-star hotel and serviced apartments. The project will cover a floor area of 406,000sqm.

Ian Milne, Atkins’ senior design director, said: “Our design ambition is to create a spectacular centrepiece to this important new urban quarter. Connectivity is a major concept in our design and we want to connect not only places, but people.

“The civic plaza will be located between the proposed iconic landmark tower and convention centre and will be an ideal meeting point due to its convenient location, plus the wide range of cultural and recreational activities that can be staged there.”

Based on existing road planning, the development has been designed to be very pedestrian friendly, and a major civic plaza will connect the buildings with a network of elevated walkways.

Vertical recesses running up the sides of the towers will make them look more slender and the tops of the towers are ‘stepped’ to add differentiation to the overall shape, ensuring the towers will create a dramatic and unified group on the city’s skyline.

Sustainability is another focus for the project, and the convention centre in particular will set new standards in passive energy efficiency due to its careful orientation and sophisticated roof design.

Rows of large skylights orientated to the north will bring diffused light into the halls and foyers below, utilising natural light effectively.

Located in central China, Changsha is one of China’s most economically advanced cities and is an important commercial and industrial hub.


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