Web Structures Spotlight on: The Troika, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Troika is a three-tower, luxury condominium development in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. One of the most prestigious and preferred addresses in the city, The Troika is located at the north-eastern precincts of the City Centre – Kuala Lumpur’s ‘city within a city’ – combining apartments, offices, shops and restaurants within a single complex, with the aim of promoting a densely planned approach to living and working in the twenty-first-century city.

The project comprises three apartment towers – of thirty-eight, forty-four, and fifty storeys respectively – which together form the tallest residential development in Malaysia. With its seemingly impossibly slender blades of shear walls reaching more than 200m into the skies, The Troika, like all of Web Structures projects, sets new standards of excellence.

Architects on the project, Foster and Partners, made their design maximize the interaction between architectural and structural expression. The unusual slender concrete sheer walls support stacked blocks that are able to rotate subtly to allow the primary living areas and balconies in each of the 230 apartments to focus on the best available view.

The external structures slender sheer walls also offer an important protective function: they support the subtle rotation of the building, for example, during an earthquake or in a strong wind.

The arrangement of the shear walls also offers great flexibility, generating apartments with a wide variety of orientations and plan sizes. The interfaces between the flat slab floors and walls required special built-in steel connection brackets cast inside the concrete to offer a seamless connection.

Despite their heights of up to 204 metres, the shear walls are only 600 millimetres thick throughout. To achieve the specified accuracy of construction and eliminate the need for plywood shuttering, precast concrete permanent formwork panels were utilised.

These were only 65 millimetres thick, prefabricated in sizes of up to 4,000 by 1,100 millimetres, assembled in sets of three on the ground and hoisted into position on modified strong back frames. Custom-made rubber gaskets were installed on location to seal the joints between precast panels to prevent leakage of in situ concrete backfill. The precast panels are thus an integral part of the structural system.
Three internal cores, two central and one offset work in conjunction with the coupled shear walls to resist wind-induced sway through the diaphragm action of the floor plates. These floor plates have virtual beam edge reinforcement and cantilever out 6 metres at corners.

Top-down construction was used for the four storey basement, to obviate the need for costly temporary works.

Many areas are self-shaded by the overhang of the apartment above, which provides shelter on the balconies and sky bridges link the three towers at Level 24 to create a sky lobby with an unrivalled panorama of the fast-changing Kuala Lumpur skyline.
The twisting geometry of the three towers evolved gradually through detailed modelling analysis, their forms being sculpted to respond organically to the neighbouring buildings and to maximise the dramatic 180 degree vistas.

Web Structures always comes up with the most innovative of solutions, it is the group’s aim to consistently produce the most cost-efficient and optimized structure that is in perfect harmony with and facilitates design intent. Web Structures dedication to the maximization of interaction between architectural and structural expression is evident in the Troika.

An arrestingly stunning building, winner of several accolades including the Royal Institute of British Architects International award, the Troika is another example of Web Structures ability to go beyond the average in structural engineering.

Web Structures has pioneered the art of Fusion Engineering, redefining engineering excellence through innovation and design and enabling ground-breaking architecture to become building reality. A safe, buildable and economical building is the expected norm. It is the innovative thinking and creativity inherent in the practise that propels a Web Structure like the Troika towards outstanding excellence.

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